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How much does it cost?

My fee is £75 per session. Sessions last for 50 minutes and my cancellation notice is 48 hours. 

How long will I have to be in therapy for?

A course of therapy usually takes a few months. If you have been experiencing a certain problem for a while, it might take some time to overcome it. The idea is to work towards a healthier way of living in a sensible amount of time. If you prefer, we can agree to a certain limited amount of sessions at the beginning.

Can you give me some advice?

As the client, I believe you know yourself the best. Therefore, one of my goals in therapy is to help you open up new avenues of thinking, become aware of obstacles or hindrances and ultimately facilitate your ability to manage yourself, always appropriate for your unique life situation and personality.

"My problem is probably not big enough to seek counselling..."

In counselling we will look at your concerns in a non-judgmental way and ascertain how we can best help you improve the quality of your life. Maybe the fact that you're reading up on counselling means that your problem - no matter how "small" - has become too much for you to cope with and therefore you might benefit from seeing a professional, who (unlike family) is not biased and will be able to guide you further.

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