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Professional Qualifications

I have a BA Hons in Education Studies & Psychology and a Post Graduate Diploma in

Counselling & Psychotherapy.

I am accredited by the BACP and registered by the UKRCP (United Kingdom Register of

Counsellors & Psychotherapists).

Personal Approach

1 GG RD Practice Pic.jpg

As an integrative therapist I draw upon humanistic as well as psychodynamic approaches to therapy and apply them appropriate to the needs of the client. 

I maintain that the quality of the relationship between therapist and client has the potential to be the most healing element in the therapeutic process.

I believe that self-awareness is the first step to improvement and I ensure the most conducive environment for its development - including strict confidentiality and provision of a safe and secure setting.

Lastly, from personal experience I can relate to the difficulties associated with straddling different cultures, countries and mentalities. 

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